lu·mi·nous ˈlo͞omənəs

adjective: luminous

1. emitting or reflecting usually steady, suffused, or glowing light

root ro͞ot

plural noun: roots

2. the basic cause, source, or origin of something; the essential substance or nature of something.

Massage Practice

When I enrolled at Ashmead College in 1999, I knew that this work would be the door that led to everything else in my life. Since then, massage has been my passion. 

After graduation, I started working in a chiropractic office. My long-term working relationship with these chiropractors gave me a multi-layered understanding of the human body.  During my sixteen years of employment at this clinic, I had the opportunity to hone my therapeutic massage and injury treatment skills.  In 2014, I opened my private practice closer to home.  

I’m fascinated by the current research on fascia, and I know that this subtle work has a profound effect on the body.  I enjoy being able to give quality massage to everybody that walks through the door – whether you are a weekend warrior, or you have a spinal fusion.

I accept most major private health insurance plans, including Premera and Regence.  I also take Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and worker compensation claims (L&I).

My continuing education courses include Thai massage, QiGong, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Cranial Sacral, and myofacial release.  

Shamanic Healing

Throughout history, humans have learned how to heal themselves – mind, body, and spirit. Plants were our first medicine. We lived in ways that were full of ceremony and kept us connected to the land and to each other. I believe that today’s fast-paced life and global awareness has impacted our social well-being. Many of us have lost this knowledge, the connection to our land, and to ourselves. More…


I accept most major insurance plans, including Premera and Regence.  I also take PIP (Personal Injury Protection) and worker compensation claims (L&I).

Please note that my relaxation massage rates are different from the insurance rates.

All insurance companies require a prescription for massage.

If you aren’t sure about your massage coverage, please download and use this file.
It will help you gather information prior to booking an appointment.